Shawarma House is a food stall business founded by RFC Visionary. Started as a single stall in Recto, Manila, it has since become the company's biggest and fastest growing brand, with now established branches in various locations all around Metro Manila.

Boasting the freshest ingredients, our menu include the chicken shawarma, veggie shawarma, and our signature beef with veggies and all-meat shawarma made from 100% pure beef. All our shawarma are made using our homemade pita bread, with only the freshest onion, tomato and cucumber, and generously drizzled with a choice of garlic, cheese or hot sauce.

Shawarma House offers the best taste and value for money that attracts customers, making it a lucrative franchising opportunity.

RFC Visionary

RFC Visionary also handles other food stall brands that offers the same business principles of providing tasty and fresh products that give the best value, for a guaranteed high return of investment.

Other brands by RFC Visionary include Calamansi Fresh and Sisig House, which can be seen in prime locations such as major malls and commercial areas all over the country.



To be considered as one of the major players in the Philippines by offering premium yet affordable products that is affordable for customers and profitable to investors.


To help aspiring entrepreneurs acquire a high earning asset to strengthen their business portfolio and guide them towards success.


We want to make it easy for every Filipino to start their own successful business.
Our Shawarma House Franchising Package offers all the necessary ingredients for a prosperous franchise.

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